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To get started, we offer a complimentary consultation that will provide an opportunity to get to know you and your vision. We will take the information you share and use it to create options and ideas for your residential or commercial space that will be presented in an initial creative analysis.



A consultation will give us the information we need to get creative for you. Our team is qualified to provide you with a comprehensive creative analysis that will give you a clear vision of your options and opportunities while working with us. 

Art Curation

Our team is highly qualified and is passionate about bringing original artwork into the homes and businesses of Michigan communities. We offer work from a selection of artists, on site installation along with the option of a quarterly gallery rotation.

Interior design

Home is your most sacred and honored environment. It is where you connect, create, rest and cook. It is our honor to provide you with a specialized interior design vision that connects with your needs and dreams. 

Private Art lessons

Perfect for summer continuing education. Created for young artists ages 6 - 18 in foundational drawing skills, portrait drawing and watercolor painting. Students will experience varied drawing techniques and locations. Certified State of Michigan K-12 Visual Arts Education.

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