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Created with heart centered intention and purpose to bring original artwork to homes and businesses in the Grand Rapids and Detroit areas. We are determined to promote and support our working artists and makers while providing our clients with an enhanced and beautiful living environment. We believe this is a system that creates a circle of positive support, love, creativity and kindness in our community. 

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Below you can find our current studio visits and company travels, which are two of our most

direct ways to inspire and connect with our communities and creative world.


Kardia Design LLC  -  2018

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Rosie Lee Art | Grand Rapids, MI

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Rosie lee art

What I do as a creative is make connections through various mediums. Memories play an important role in my work. My work revolves around narratives that reflect nostalgia and black culture using symbolism, iconography, and color. The titles of my work are based on colloquialisms, they serve as clues and inside jokes specifically denoting a particular time and space. By highlighting iconography and reclaiming past stereotypes and tropes the work's underlying messages challenge monolithic notions of "blackness". 

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Cassie Heuton | Linear (10 of 13).jpg

Cassie Heuton

Linear restaurant

Original artworks rotating at the modern American style restaurant, Linear in Grand Rapids, MI. Currently on display until August is Cassie Heuton, a local artist working with mixed media creating rustic modern paintings.


Abstract artist, Briana McNamara is exhibiting a large selection of her fun and creative acrylic paintings. Her intuitive connection with color and patterns makes a clear case as to why you need one for your home!

Interested in showing your work or participating in our residential curation program? Visit our Artist page and fill out an application. We look forward to hearing from you.


A taste of inspiration

Images from our travels to The Hague and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.



Florence, Italy.